Interactive Kiosks Elevate Guest Service

Apr 30, 2019

One very exciting technology is helping hospitality operators re-imagine the guest experience. Self-serve kiosks are an attractive option for resort properties as well as guests. Touchscreen offers guests direct access to the things they want, when they want them, and without the typical infrastructure required to deliver on those requests. Kiosks aren’t limited to use in grab-and-go pantries either, where guests can purchase a forgotten toothbrush without having to wait to be served by the front desk. Resort properties can extend sales, whether booking buffet or restaurant reservations, or placing an order for in-room dining, kiosks are the latest to make purchases, food ordering and dining reservations convenient for everyone.

It’s the immediacy of the experience people have with kiosks that makes them more popular these days. The accuracy of interacting directly with technology, and the responsive touchscreen empowers guests to order and pay for items. In particular, guests tend to prefer kiosks when placing food and beverage orders. Order data is transmitted to kitchen or bar right away, without the friction or errors that sometimes come with human interaction. In this way, kiosks are changing the experience for the guest. From market pantries to more complex food court-style environments, people are steering toward nearby kiosks to avoid having to wait, and to ensure order accuracy.

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Where guests find kiosks accessible and reliable, resorts find them simple to implement. They fit quite naturally into virtually any retail or food and beverage area. Kiosks augment staff workflows and increase service coverage. They allow employees to reallocate time previously spent on taking orders and provide more accurate service while reducing transaction costs. Touch technology is an efficient alternative to manage, prepare and dispatch orders, rather than using kitchen printers and manual paper chits. Next-gen kiosks are easy to configure and manage at scale with a flexible hierarchical business-mapping capability that permits centralized menu creation and even pushes that information to remote locations. With kitchen display, printer, and scanner accessories, there is little a kiosk solution can’t do to supplement guest service.

The hospitality industry is one of the more obvious for self-serve kiosks. Little else can claim increased sales and add value to the guest experience, making touchscreen kiosks a perfect alternative.

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