Keeping Up with Walk-ins, Reservations and Wait Lists

Dec 21, 2018

We’ve all been there. At a favorite eatery where the kitchen is playing catch-up, and the guest wait list is growing with walk-ins also competing for the next open seat. It’s great to have a restaurant that’s in high demand, but not when hungry guests aren’t being served.

As a restaurant owner or operator, one of the best ways to ensure you are always on top of your game - whether it’s the holidays or not - is to have all your technology working harmoniously. Online table reservations, guest profiles, wait list management, 2-way SMS and point-of-sale will each individually contribute to improved efficiency. Today we highlight how just one of these important tools is helping restaurants reduce walkaways.

Reducing Walkouts

Wait list management tech eases the congestion at the front-of-the-house and creates a smoother traffic flow. This doesn’t necessarily require the guest to download an app either. A stand-alone solution can capture the loyalty of guests who have dined at your restaurant even once and send automated SMS communications to confirm reservations and notify them once their table is ready. Not only does this give your diners personalized attention and the flexibility to frequent neighboring businesses while waiting, it also makes the host’s job considerably easier. A wait list tool goes a long way to improve the connection to guests and reduce the potential for walkouts.

Being Prepared

As we look to the future, consumer use of technology will continue to rise with the expansion of features found in the latest smartphones, artificial intelligence and wearable tech. These innovations are quickly finding their way into restaurant and food-service venues. To keep up, it’s important to start early and stay ahead of the game. Staying acquainted with the changes that are sweeping the restaurant tech industry, you’ll be better prepared to manage the guest expectations that are yet to unfold over the coming years.

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