Making it Easier to Manage Your Property

Jan 14, 2019

Over the past 20 years, many facets of the hospitality industry have shifted to adapt to new technology and changing consumer behaviors. This has in turn changed how owners and operators conduct business. More PMS (Property Management System) technologies are aimed mainly at the customer service back-end, and in keeping with this trend, digital information about guests enables front desk staff to accommodate personal preferences such as room type, location, amenities and much more.

We’re seeing more operators reduce labor costs through technology adoptions. Modern, cloud-based hotel technology is generally more cost-effective than premise-based systems. Cloud-based PMS eliminates the need for significant upfront hardware costs and software licenses, as well as ongoing maintenance costs related to equipment that becomes outdated. One of the most convenient benefits of a cloud-based system is the ability to manage a property from almost any place at any time. This allows an owner or general manager to manage rates or arrange housekeeping schedules from home if they wish, and management has access to dozens of reporting features remotely.

With cloud-based hotel technology resort software is no longer limited to optimizing operations either. It is being used to influence guest engagement in a big way. Another sophisticated component is the compatibility with voice-based AI systems like Amazon’s Alexa. Since it’s API-based, this and other integrations add more value to hospitality enterprises who are looking for new, technologically advanced PMS solutions that serve front- and back-of-the-house, as well as guests.

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