Mobile Point-of-Sale: A New Revenue Source for Hotels?

May 17, 2018

As the hospitality industry becomes more and more guest centric, there is significant focus on deployment of software and hardware that form a bridge to boost server-guest interaction. Think transformative technology, with improved applications and capabilities. They’re playing prominent roles in building satisfaction and loyalty. The key drivers of this technology shift are centered on guest personalization, portability and easy access to a more connected, mobile network. Not surprisingly, many operators are also finding that mobile POS is also responsible for notable revenue growth.

Today we share how hotel operators are taking advantage of staff mobility, leveraging the latest technologies that grow revenue and guest satisfaction. We've outlined just a few ways that mobile POS is making a difference:

Simplified Processes - Handheld devices make workflows more streamlined: entering and sending orders to the kitchen or bar all while remaining at the guest’s table. No longer are servers running back and forth between the stationary terminal and the guest - it’s all done at the table. Adding longer and more personalized touch points has proven to increase guest wallet share.

Lowered Security Concerns - Table-side payments that interface with mobile POS help boost security by reducing the opportunities for stolen credit card data. The credit card never leaves the guest’s sight, which limits the potential for fraudulent activity and improves guest confidence.

Payment Versatility - Mobile POS has a lot of options, supporting the latest guest payment method preferences. This provides more personalized service and speeds up the end-to-end experience with payment mobility that's as comfortable as it is simple. This efficiency allows venues to turn tables more quickly, so more guests can be served in any given period.

As guests, we all want a well-rounded service experience—whether we’re using the Wi-Fi in the lounge, sharing cocktails poolside or enjoying a favorite meal at the restaurant. Guest service is a core component of the hospitality experience. Moving to mobile POS allows hotels to extend this experience, and grow the bottom line as a result.

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