Mobile POS Significantly Influences Guest Satisfaction

Aug 03, 2017

Meeting emerging guest expectations doesn’t have to be a challenge. More than just revenue growth, mobile POS (point-of-sale) technology allows operators to offer up new levels of guest service and empowers servers to be more creative. With the advent of next-generation, mobile technology, servers no longer need to run back and forth between guests and a stationary POS terminal. They’re freed from waiting in lines to enter guest orders. They’re spending their time being more attentive, catering to the needs of guests. POS mobility gives them the tools and capacity to provide highly-personalized service that helps build enduring relationships with guests on behalf of the brand.

For venues that are conducive to hanging out with frequent reorders – like pools, clubs, casino floors or outdoor lounges, it’s easier to see the relationship between speed of service to reorders, as well as the number of reorders to check size.

There is also a close relationship to tip percentage and the level of guest attention. With POS mobility, the server doesn’t sacrifice quality for efficiency. Instead the server is a brand ambassador, taking the time necessary to deliver the quality of service desired by guests. This level of connection demonstrates that the server’s recommendation is genuine and not a required upsell. It helps foster trust in the guest-to-server relationship.

Assessment results conducted in server mobility and guest service scenarios have demonstrated roughly a 67% increase in revenue throughout the guest’s stay on property. Although hypothetical scenarios, this is in the ballpark of actual results reported in the industry during the first month. And in fact, 25-40% revenue increases over a season are not uncommon.

POS mobility is making a significant impact on speed of service and guest satisfaction with a corresponding improvement in property and venue ratings. More than revenue, POS mobility allows hospitality providers to offer increased levels of service.

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