More Hospitality Venues choose InfoGenesis® Flex to Increase Profitability

Dec 05, 2017

When it comes to increasing revenue, the right mobile point-of-sale (POS) technology makes all the difference to provide enhanced, more expedient guest service. And when it comes to expedient guest service, the notion of speed extends to an intuitive POS interface and a system that's always working, without interruption.

Outlets using InfoGenesis® Flex to extend their POS business are finding they can connect with and meet guest needs more quickly. This accelerated speed of service boosts guest review ratings and is demonstrably increasing total check sizes. Regardless of internet connectivity, transactions and guest service will continue to flow.

Real Customer Results

"… InfoGenesis Flex [has] all the bells and whistles of competing products, but they are presented in a more straightforward and user-friendly format.”

  • IT Director at The Jefferson Hotel

Increased revenue is achieved with an efficient, mobile POS solution, and only Agilysys InfoGenesis® Flex is designed to keep transactions flowing across properties. Offering full point-of-sale functionality on a convenient, hand-held device, InfoGenesis® Flex provides a proven increase in profitability and an enhanced guest experience whether poolside, on casino floors, convention halls, lounges, beach, spa, retail or dining outlets.

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