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Part 1 of 3: Technology Trends in the Gaming Arena

Nov 09, 2016

Guest preferences continue to evolve. For the same service, the same demographic, and the exact same guest, that guest may choose to self-serve or want to be highly served at various times. To satisfy this variability, today’s trends focus on mobility and kiosk-based solutions for property management and point-of-sale. These technology options enable properties to serve guests across the entire spectrum, from high-touch to self-service, in the same venue. Even better when it’s managed with the same business system.

There is also a significant movement to understand and capitalize on the importance of non-gaming revenue and the drivers behind it. Hospitality operators must address the shifting preferences of guests, especially millennials, to non-gaming activities across the property. More than any other industry, gaming organizations must continue to create interest and intrigue in order to capture these guests’ attention. Guest recruitment, wallet share growth and stronger guest connections are the technological trends and, as a result, are key objectives of the Agilysys mission.

Hospitality technology must move from managing guest transactions to providing a 360-degree view of the property as well as each individual guest in order to maximize upsell or spending opportunities while still delivering a valued and memorable guest experience.

Technology trends are highly centered on mobility and guest self-service. It’s not that every guest wants self-services, rather they want to have the options available. They want to be able to determine when and how the service takes place. Understanding the data behind their decisions is the next step.

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