Part 2 of 3: Guest Experience Management (GEM) Study Insights

Mar 27, 2019

Part two of the GEM Study series identifies how more hospitality CIOs are investing in digital engagement that leverages guest data. This digital engagement is considered key to enhancing a guest’s overall experience. Today, there is an enormous amount of data that can be captured via the PMS and utilized to the property’s advantage. Some data may be generated through the booking process and some from the guest folio. Regardless of its origin, it makes all the difference in helping staff understand the guest’s expectations, preferences and typical patterns related to activities or spending.

In the study, more than 30% of hospitality professionals said real-time access to shared data and analytics are the most important attributes that support GEM. This level of priority suggests that the industry continues to invest in something that they’ve long understood to be true - the guest experience is key to overall business success. Resort and hotel operators recognize that in order to provide guests the personalized experiences they desire when making reservations, checking-in, dining, participating in activities and checking-out, investments in analytics are necessary. However, investments don’t always translate directly to dollars. The PMS often already holds the data, so assigning staff and taking the time to transfer and ensure data accuracy can be a significant part of the investment. The good news is technology advancements in the past 12-24 months have made data exchange and analytics easier than ever.

Bringing all the data together from their respective departments and repositories is also critical. Breaking down data silos means systems should “talk” to each other - or interface. GEM entails eliminating the “walls” that may separate the data in order to have a unified view of every guest. Doing so enables properties to truly understand what motivates their guests - what makes them repeat customers, and how each one engages with the property.

No question about it -- robust data and analytics result in informed decisions that help eliminate friction both in the front and back-of-the-house. Analyses derived from PMS data will continue to grow in popularity among hospitality management. And it has a running start with over 30% of study respondents already appreciating the positive difference their data is making.

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