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Part 2 of 3: The Significance of Data in the Gaming Industry

Nov 10, 2016

As discussed in our last blog, technology trends in gaming are highly centered on mobility and guest self-service. Operators need more intelligence from the data produced from guest transactions and from historical spending patterns, room preferences, dining preferences, to personal data like anniversaries. Solutions from Agilysys make that information available to all systems at each guest interaction, and provide the flexibility to deliver contextually relevant promotional offers to guests; increasing revenue opportunities while creating a uniquely personalized experience. Properties that do this are not only creating more lasting connections at each touch point, they’re likely increasing guest wallet share as a result.

There’s a growing need for more information, more data about guest preferences, their spending and other patterns. Hospitality operators use Agilysys’ innovative business analytics tool rGuest® Analyze to meet this need. Understanding the value of each guest type is critical: the gaming, the non-gaming, non-staying, or low intensity gaming guest. To understand each guest persona, operators are able to segment consumption data across all activities at the property.

The casino has little chance of accessing the gaming spend if the non-gaming offer is not attractive to the demographic the property desires. BI tools like rGuest Analyze provide the precise information operators need to make more informed business decisions to empower employees and better align their day-to-day activities with guest trends.

Next we’ll uncover why an integrated solution is preferred.

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