Personalized Service: A Must for Guest Satisfaction

May 12, 2019

The hospitality industry is constantly changing. With so many hotel options to choose from and with home sharing sites entering the mix, the competition to attract guests can be rough. To garner new and repeat business, it’s important hoteliers are informed about what guests value most during their stay. Personalization is the key.

At many properties, the focus is often on equipping guest rooms with the latest technology and updating facilities. While these tangible features play a big role in differentiating from the competition, hoteliers should not lose sight the guest experience. It’s not enough to have in-room tech especially if the tech doesn’t operate properly. Guests look to the overall experience as something intangible that they will feel and remember.

Guest loyalty continues to shift and transform, and technology is playing a big role in that. Many hotels are getting creative and developing intricate loyalty programs to incentivize repeat visits through free stays, free drinks, and more. But for independent or boutique hotels without elaborate member programs, big brand recognition, and myriad properties, the strategy is more grassroots. Hospitality technologies like a property management system empower hoteliers of all sizes to provide a more personalized guest experience. It does this by freeing up hotel staff so they can focus on providing personal attention and taking the time to truly understand and accommodate the guest. Technology can also provide insights into the type of guests and their behavior patterns or preferences, giving staff important knowledge that helps them personalize experiences through the hotel’s amenities, activities, dining or other services.

Personalized service has come a long way. Today it’s an indispensable part of operating any size property. For guests, having hotel staff recognize them and their preferences, and using this information in a thoughtful way creates a memorable impression.  These are positive interactions that help grow the connection guests feel. Personalized service is in the details, but it’s doesn’t have to be a significant endeavor. Often the PMS will hold all the information needed to make personalization possible.

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