Playing the Long Game: A Conversation with Agilysys’ CEO

May 02, 2018

Everyday we’re challenged with important business decisions that are required with urgency and short deadlines. Many are happening, and often all at once, coming at us from all directions. Guest expectations are the same, changing as quickly as we can adapt in some cases. At the same time, the demands employees are making about which technologies will work best are increasing. Fortunately, these every day, critical decisions become easier when there is focus on the long game. Where does the company need to go and what obstacles are in the way? How well does the focus align with market expectations? What technologies will help drive to those business objectives?

As President and CEO at Agilysys, Ramesh Srinivasan is focused on leveraging his comprehensive background in the gaming industry to drive the company forward. Today, Agilysys is dedicated to maintaining its long-standing position as a leading hospitality technology provider. In a recent podcast with Global Gaming Business Publisher, Roger Gros, Ramesh reveals the company’s long-game plan for success and continued focus.

"Our history includes a lot of gaming DNA," says Ramesh Srinivasan

InfoGenesis was first implemented in casinos, and shortly after the company introduced LMS for property management. Both solutions have seen significant use at gaming properties for decades. And not just in Las Vegas, but around the globe. This long-term gaming industry success is the result of a deliberate corporate focus, and includes building the foundation upon which the company has collaborated with partners and customers for many years. It also includes having a deep understanding of the user experience, and continuously delivering a personal level of support to every single customer, no matter the hour, and no matter how small or large.

Agilysys is ideal in size, providing a high degree of personalized service that other, very large technology providers cannot. Others aren’t as focused on hospitality and therefore aren’t as agile in meeting their customer’s needs. There’s a sweet spot and Agilysys’ size is what helps keep the company close to its customers. The gaming industry can also be quite complex, making it a challenge for smaller companies to scale up to meet those needs. Some try, but with limited success.

The breadth and depth of technical efficiency and industry know-how also set Agilysys apart. With its consistent evolution of advanced features and capabilities, and the fact that the company is the only comprehensive solution provider to focus exclusively on the hospitality industry, Agilysys brings a clear focus and many operational advantages to customers. To put the results of this focus into real-world context, Agilysys has successfully completed more than 100 competitive replacements in recent months.

Playing the long game, keeping customers happy and their businesses on track, that’s what sets a company apart. You see that focus in everything Agilysys does. It’s a commitment level unlike other technology providers.

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