Proactively Protecting your Technology Investment

Oct 09, 2017

As we reflect on the recent natural disasters such as Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and the devastating earthquakes in Mexico, our thoughts are with our Agilysys customers, employees and their families who live and work in the communities impacted by these events.

Below are a few proactive steps that can help protect your Agilysys hardware and software investment:

  • Update (or create) a hardware inventory list. Be sure to include model and serial numbers in case replacements are
  • needed.
  • If your equipment has already suffered damage, please call us as soon as possible to discuss replacement.
  • If you’re able to operate manually, be sure to keep an accurate a record of monies exchanged, as this information will not be in your back-office reports.
  • If you lose power and your systems goes offline be sure to secure your hardware and monies on-hand.
  • Ensure backups are being created and stored in a safe and secure location.
  • If possible, before power loss, turn off servers and electronics.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our Agilysys Support Department for any questions or advice regarding your business needs. We are fully staffed and ready to help. Call 800-327-7088.

You may also visit us online: https://myagilysys.force.com.

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