Provide It And They Will Come – Putting Guests In Charge Of Their F&B

May 04, 2022

Food and beverage (F&B) is a huge part of the guest experience. This is one area where a property can increase revenue by making the ordering and purchasing process easier for the guest.

It's no secret that labor shortages and supply chain issues have had a negative effect on F&B service for hotels. As guests return to travel in higher numbers, properties must have technologies in place to accommodate these guests or risk frustrated staff members and bad reviews. According to the 2022 Restaurant Technology Study by Hospitality Technology, restaurants are investing in putting technologies in place to enhance the guest experience. 72 percent of restaurant IT budgets will increase in 2022, and 25 percent are putting in new solutions. These properties are investing in convenience for their guests and operational workflow improvement to support their team members.

Here are a few examples of technology solutions that are easy to implement, work seamlessly with existing systems, require limited training time, and effectively support improved F&B service levels:

  • Mobile POS
  • Mobile/Self-service Ordering
  • Mobile Payment Processing
  • Inventory and Procurement
  • Menu and Recipe Cost Management
  • Business Analytics

Guest-facing Technologies For F&B

Hospitality organizations are listening to guest demand. According to the 2022 Restaurant Technology Study, the top four technology features that restaurants have adopted because customers expect them include free Wi-Fi (87 percent), the ability for customers to pay via a mobile device (81 percent), the ability for customers to preview menus and nutritional information (78 percent), and the ability to order via a mobile device (77 percent).

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Mobile POS solutions with these features are highly effective options to encourage guests to order more. Providing the convenience of mobile ordering on the device of their choice puts guests in the driver's seat and allows them to order what they want, when they want it. Orders go directly to the kitchen, staff knows where to deliver food by location-specific QR codes, table numbers or room numbers, and guests can easily pay by using the QR code on the check.

Behind The Scenes

Eliminating the initial back-and-forth typically associated with waiting tables helps optimize staff. This improvement in productivity results in higher efficiency and the opportunity for staff to elevate guest service.

Through analytics solutions that monitor ordering and guest behavior, plus menu and inventory management, staff can identify trends, predict shortages, update digital menus in real time, and make sure the guest has accurate information in front of them. Using these solutions, management can access easy-to-read dashboards to monitor real-time inventory updates, sales volume, and changing staffing needs.

Property Management Solutions

From an individual location to an enterprise chain, get the most modern, comprehensive property management solutions for managing your hospitality business.

These are just a few of the solution features that can streamline a hotel's F&B operations and provide guests with the convenience and service levels they demand. Today's F&B solutions easily integrate with existing property management or point-of-sale systems, and require far less training time for staff members than ever before. Working with an experienced technology provider that listens to its customers' challenges and is committed to ongoing F&B solution development allows hotels to maximize their technology investment, provide guests with flexible ordering and payment options, and adjust to changing guest demands.

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