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Research Report: GEM Enables Hoteliers to Increase Revenue and Profit

Apr 12, 2017

No one questions the value of providing superior guest experiences. Technology solutions that enable GEM - or Guest Experience Management - are becoming the focal point of practically every customer-facing business. This unwavering focus on guests is especially powerful in the world of hospitality, where the ‘experience’ means more than just offering better guest rooms, well-equipped amenities and stand out service.

Beyond keeping pace with the latest value-add services and modern amenities, hoteliers have long appreciated the importance of interacting with guests in ways that personalize the experience. Hoteliers that exceed guest expectations have done so by becoming increasingly guest-centric. This means placing the wants and needs of guests at the heart of every business decision.

96% of Hoteliers Agree Data is Important for Improving Guest Personalization

With recent advances in technology, GEM is reaching higher levels of effectiveness. By now, virtually all decision makers in the industry have come to view their GEM capabilities and performance as a strategic imperative. It’s an essential function for competing in a modern, hypercompetitive market. And it’s centered around guest data.

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