Resorts Embrace A Culture of Connectivity



Resorts Embrace A Culture of Connectivity

Nov 07, 2018

A new infrastructure of digital communication and connectivity has emerged in the span of barely a decade. Everyday millions of people interact with one or more social media platforms, and often multiple times a day. Large and influential platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn have exploded in the number of users. As the connective thread for friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances, social media offers more than just a platform for younger generations. They serve as an asset for marketers in the hospitality industry as well.

Participate in the Global Discussion

Word of mouth has long been a powerful way to attract new customers. Since the arrival of social media, word of mouth has transformed into a global discussion. This works in favor of those looking to monetizing a brand, and as more organizations adopt social media as one of their many marketing channels, the hospitality industry is flourishing.

Be Mindful of Digital Disruption

Self-expression on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms comes with a certain amount of instant judgment however, especially in a world of shrinking attention spans. While social ads hold unique opportunity for the advertisers, they can also be considered disruptive if not well-timed and targeted.

Find the Data in Social

Social media promotions are well and good, but how does one translate customers' opinions, messages and videos into actionable data? This is where social media analytics come in. They play an important role in letting resort managers know their target, and how customers are responding to a given brand. This helps in making strategic promotional decisions and when deciding how much online engagement should be employed. These tools also help resort operators quantify the effect of their promotions.

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