Restaurants Find Sustainable Methods for Limiting Food Waste During the Holidays

Nov 22, 2019

The holidays are a time of tradition. It’s a time of gathering around a table and enjoying your favorite comfort dishes. Unfortunately, this is also a time of year that is followed by loads of leftovers that often end up wasted. Yet for a restaurant owner or manager, there’s nothing worse than going out of stock of a popular item. But how do you get your ideal inventory without under- or over-ordering and losing profits to spoilage? Today we share a few methods restaurants use to limit food waste during and after the holidays.

Get Staff Involved

Having the help of staff can make a difference in achieving food inventory accuracy and efficiency. Rather than forcing a process or system on the team, show them why it will make them more successful in their roles. Show them how a POS and inventory management system supports everything they cook, create, and serve, and ultimately keeps money in their pockets. Getting staff involved not only helps them understand the importance they each have in their roles, but it also aids in the reduction of food waste and prevents under- and over-ordering.

Inventory & Procurement Solutions

Hospitality inventory management software and procurement solutions built to decrease food and labor costs while boosting overall efficiency.

Get Creative with Ingredients

It’s more efficient to use a single menu item for multiple dishes. For instance, ordering avocados for a single dish becomes expensive if that dish isn’t a top seller.  Menu design is a critical part of optimal food inventory and cost management. When menu planning, get creative about the many ways to use a single ingredient. The more mileage you can get out of an avocado order, the lower your overall inventory costs.

Get Inventory Management Software

Instead of calculating stock manually, consider investing in an inventory management software that tracks it for you automatically. The software also helps automate order fulfillment before stocks are depleted. It can track consumption rates of a given item based on recipes, which further limits spoilage. With software automation, restaurant owners and managers can optimize working capital for an extended period, which makes an important difference in the bottom line. A well-designed inventory and procurement software can even help you to run the front-end of the business without having to worry so much about the back end, allowing more focus toward elevating guest service.

Learn More About Our Solutions

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Reducing waste makes good business sense. If you get it right, your restaurant will grow its profits. An inventory tracking system that integrates with your point of sale is a valuable tool for analyzing your most popular menu items and what you should cut from your offerings.

With a fully integrated solution, restaurants can leverage relevant food stock data, manage consumption rates, know when to replenish inventory, track fulfillment – and above all – get more value for every dollar spent on stock while sustainably limiting food waste.

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