Showing Appreciation for Your Guests as We Near the Holidays

Nov 24, 2021

Whether it is leisure travel with family or friends, or a quick business trip before the holidays, hoteliers want one thing: To please the guest and give them a reason to return in the new year. Travel is back, and with that, hotels want to show their guests that they are grateful to see them return.

Despite challenges like staffing shortages and supply chain delays, hotel properties must find ways to stay connected with their guests. Implementing solutions that provide seamless integration with other property systems and promote operational efficiency can save staff time and create new opportunities to reinforce that ever-important guest relationship.

What can hotels do to show appreciation for their guests?

- Make it Easy for Your Guests

By giving guests a seamless and contactless check-in/out process, hotels can lower the stress of arrival and departure. With a full view of the guest's preferences through a personalized profile, hotels can review a reservation before they arrive, send customized messages or offers ahead of time or during their stay, and continue to elevate service levels while the guest is on-site.

When properties have seamless communication between their operating systems, the hotel can create a single view of the guest and automatically insert content from each booking and interaction. By providing the guest with personalized offers while on property or once back home, the hotel also has the ability to generate both service and revenue opportunities.

Additionally, hotels can communicate the many contactless services available during their stay, providing convenience and a sense of comfort to many of their guests. Many properties have the ability to easily accept and track cashless transactions wherever their guests are. Mobile food and beverage payments as well as self check-in/out limit time with staff but provide the convenience and security that guests have come to expect.

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Agilysys innovative hospitality technology helps you delight guests and engage staff at every interaction while providing visibility into the entire guest journey.

Guests can use their mobile devices to scan a QR code, review a digital copy of their check, add a gratuity, and provide payment – all in a touchless environment. By offering these conveniences, it is a win-win for the guest and the hotel. The guest has experienced a more comfortable contactless experience on property, and the hotel has been able to potentially generate more revenue and improve its guest service through time and labor savings, as well as customized offerings to the guest. Whether it is allowing the guest to select a specific room ahead of time, or offering options like mobile ordering and contactless payment, providing convenience to the guest is a great first step to show them how important they are to your property.

- Give Them Something They Will Love

Guests will tell you it is a great feeling to receive a room upgrade or concierge-level access when it's not expected. When a hotel sends that special bottle of wine or type of tea that the guest truly enjoys to their room, it can only make their stay even better. By reviewing a guest's preferences and previous stay history, a hotel can elevate its service offerings and impress the guest even before they arrive. Hotels can send a personalized message with a discounted offer for spa services, book a hard-to-get restaurant reservation and tickets to a show, or notify the guest of earlier tee time availability. Hotels have the ability to analyze a guest's history and preferences, which allows them to provide a higher level of service while the guest is on-site.

Property Management Solutions

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By accessing this data from the hotel's point-of-sale (POS) system or property management system (PMS), a property can ensure that guest expectations are met or exceeded. These solutions even give hotels the ability to predict guest reservations, so they can optimize inventory and staff, and plan an exceptional experience for every guest.

- Give Them a Reason to Return

Some of the top reasons guests return to properties include attractive amenities, high value for the price, and most of all, exceptional guest service. By sending an unexpected offer, recognizing a return visit, and personalizing their stay, the guest already has a positive impression of the hotel. With the proper systems in place that communicate seamlessly, hotels can provide their staff with the tools to keep them informed, save them time, and help enhance each guest's stay. They are able to ensure an exceptional experience for each guest – even during high volume seasons like the holidays.

Today's guest continues to expect more from a hotel than what they can find at home, and hoteliers must find ways to enhance that experience and continually improve guest satisfaction. By connecting with the guest throughout their journey – before, during and after a stay – hotels have the ability to stay top of mind and welcome guests back year after year. As more and more travelers continue to return to hotels all over the world, today more than ever, hotels have the ability to show their appreciation and provide elevated service to each and every guest.

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