Sports & Entertainment Venues Use Next-gen Tech to Score Fans

Dec 17, 2019

When it comes to experiencing live sports, music, or any other entertainment, fans don’t want just to watch the goal made by their home team; they want to witness the grit of how far the ball is run. They don’t want to just hear the live version of their favorite songs during a concert; they want to sing along with the vocals. But beyond experiencing events first-hand, fans want to share these meaningful moments alongside like-minded people. Fans want to be in the rush of the excitement without missing a beat should they step away to get the next round of drinks. And despite the crowds, fans want the live, pulsing experiences to feel, well - somewhat personal.

Never has there been a better time for sports and entertainment venues to tie technology to the fan experience. And in 2020 we’re going to see more businesses doing just that. To stay ahead of the game, entertainment venues are thinking outside the box. They’re finding innovative ways to engage fans and make them happy.  Thanks to technology, event venues can deliver the elevated experiences that fans desperately want.

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In food and beverage service, venues are taking their offerings to the next level. Fans are excited about the latest trends that are stirring in the form of imaginative concessions. Foodservice has become more inventive, with first-rate chefs and roaming mixologists, relying on new technologies to streamline kitchen workflows and provide in-seat food ordering and delivery, creating venues designed around fan convenience rather than merely appeasing crowds.

Self-service kiosks are also looking to ride the wave. The seventh inning calls for strategically placed kiosks where fans can stretch their legs, place an order, and then head to the concession to pick up their purchases without having to wait in a long line.  With a robust network infrastructure for food and beverage technology, fans can enjoy service that is not only efficient, but incredibly convenient. Thanks to next-gen technology, fans who want more can get more. The use of innovative solutions will increase both the enjoyment and engagement fans experience when watching live events.

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