Study Shows Empowering the Hotel Guest is Key to Technology Success

Jul 30, 2018

Exponential advances in technology are causing significant changes in today’s business landscape and the hospitality industry is no exception. The 2018 Lodging Technology Study from Hospitality Technology magazine gathered data from more than 60,000 properties to explore the technology challenges operators face today and how they choose to grow their businesses to complement the growth of technology.

The study features priorities among hoteliers, including their top challenges, investment plans and technology goals. The results show hotels are looking to gain a competitive advantage in the market by prioritizing one thing in particular: Empowerment of the Guest. By offering services that allow each individual to customize their own experience, these properties are better at catering to the guest’s needs and wants. Today, we present two ways to empower the guest with their very own, unique experience.

Allowing for a flexible check-in and check-out experience.

Checking in and out is the first and last direct interaction a guest has with a hotel, which makes it a very important one. These impressions are significant factors in the guest’s overall impression of the property, as well as whether the guest chooses to recommend the property to others. Using innovative technology, properties can facilitate a variety of check-in and check-out experiences to accommodate differing preferences. While a younger guest might prefer to check in online using their phone, others want a more traditional experience with the option of asking the front desk for local recommendations. And when leaving the property, some guests will skip the queue at the front desk and instead use a self-service kiosk that can email their folio to them, getting them on their way quickly.

Using integrated systems for a seamless experience across the property.

Upon arrival, the guest will naturally go toward their preferred options whether it be dining, on-site activities such as spa or golf, or ordering room-service. This information is tracked with an integrated PMS, with knowledge that allows operators to tailor the guest’s experience in the future, knowing exactly what their preferences are and how best to cater to them.

Having integrated systems that work together offers the added advantage of creating a seamless experience wherever the guest chooses to go. Agilysys Vice President of Products and Customer Support, Sridhar Laveti, explains in the Study how integrated systems are driving better experiences:

Hoteliers should expect all of their hospitality solutions to work in harmony. Property management technology is at the core of every hotel and resort, and while it helps drive a frictionless guest experience, it should also offer seamless integration with ancillary technologies.

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