Taking Advantage of a Growing Mobile Hospitality Market

Sep 24, 2018

Hospitality professionals are always looking for new ways to connect with their guests and make a great impression. Knowing exactly where to catch potential guests’ attention can be a difficult art to master, but the smart use of technology can make a noticeable difference. In recent years, the mobile market has truly penetrated the hospitality space and guests are relying on their mobile phones to plan anything from a grocery shopping trip to a family vacation. This steady growth in the mobile market presents immense potential for the hospitality and travel industry to take advantage.

The convenience of online and mobile interaction between consumers and resorts has already overtaken several parts of the industry. Restaurant ordering is now happening almost exclusively online and the trend is spreading. Predictions show that many different types of mobile technology will be showing up in resorts and hotels around the world in the next few years. A good place to start taking advantage of the mobile is with the guest's very first impression – during online booking. Resort websites have become one of the most important tools for connecting with future guests, allowing operators to present their property in a favorable way. Implementing an easy-to-use booking tool on the website can create incentive for guests to book a room and other activities more conveniently.

As guests are shying away from personal interaction and relying more on their smart phones, operators must adapt. They must offer technology that meets guest expectations. The use of technology does not preclude a personalized experience however. Mobile solutions that truly reflect the property and give guests a good idea of its unique features, services and amenities will set resorts apart and offer real potential for revenue growth.

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