Technology is Re-Inventing the Hotel Point-of-Sale Experience

Apr 25, 2018

The hospitality industry has always set the standard for quality guest service. Addressing the evolution of guest expectations is no small undertaking. For hotel operators, it’s what they do well. They understand the importance of driving a transformative guest service experience. Across the board, operators who are adopting guest-centric technologies are not only optimizing daily workflows, they’re also growing their bottom line.

Hotels can spend millions of dollars on a remodel, but without the right guest service experience, it can still result in unfavorable reviews. Today, properties around the globe are embracing more digital, mobile solutions. In doing so, they’re enhancing their brand reputation and guest service experience. Of all the POS technology available today, mobile is the most accessible. It’s not the future - it’s here and now. And with the latest innovations in the market, hoteliers are transforming the POS to enable point-of-experience.

In a recent interview with Hotel Management magazine, Mike Hinojosa, Sr. Director of Product Management at Agilysys, shared how mobile POS enables this highly personalized guest service approach at hotel venues. Speed of service is dramatically improved as staff can bring the ordering and payment experience directly to the guest, anywhere on property. Front-line service staff are now brand ambassadors — they are the face of the property and have more touch points with their guests.

Mobile POS also lays the groundwork for artificial intelligence (AI), and when hotel staff have guest intelligence at the ready, personalization happens. Leveraging the AI data, staff can recognize the guest as a unique individual with specific expectations and preferences. We often hear how POS mobility has helped with F&B revenue growth. It has given hoteliers the ability to move sales quicker and to new areas on their properties. There is untapped demand in many venues — when we can serve the guest faster, they’ll spend more and are generally happy doing so.

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