The Critical Moments That Define A Customer Experience

Aug 24, 2018

In any customer relations setting, there are moments that will define the experience, almost disproportionately to the rest of their time on property. A team of well-equipped who have the tools to handle these situations will significantly help drive loyalty and customer engagement. This is especially important in the hospitality business world where operators constantly try to create an extraordinary guest experience. Below are some tips for how to handle these important moments that ensure your business is remembered in a positive light.

First Impression

Customer impressions start long before you have the first interaction. Many hospitality businesses have realized the importance of online reviews, but the customer is likely guided by many other factors while researching and booking their visit. An easy-to-use website with plenty of information will leave the guest confident that they are choosing the right property for their stay. Additionally, a seamless reservation system that guides the guest effortlessly through the booking process will leave them with a great first impression of your property long before they have arrived.

Service Interaction

The only thing that will likely be remembered more clearly than the first and last interaction you have with a customer, is any service interaction in between that really stands out. Both good and bad experiences with your staff will be remembered clearly and can have a major impact on the impression that the customer has of your business. When an employee does something for a customer beyond what was expected, beyond what could be considered satisfactory service, the guest will remember. Using an intelligent point-of-sale system, businesses can empower their employees with the technology and specific knowledge about the customers to deliver such an extraordinary experience.

The most important thing to remember when delivering a great customer experience is making the guest feel welcome and recognized. A personalized greeting with individual recognition instead of ”Have you stayed with us before?”, is sure to leave the guest with a favorable impression.

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