The Future of Technology in a Growing Casino Industry

Oct 01, 2018

Today’s casino industry features more resort properties offering a wider variety of entertainment options besides the casino floor. Operating large properties and managing the extensive on-site technology can become overwhelming if the solutions don’t work well together. Resort operators have much to think about when it comes to the technology that helps them manage everything, from front desk operations, gaming equipment, e-games platforms, food and beverage operations to security and data storage.

While they can sometimes struggle to find the right technology to meet every need across the property, today’s hospitality solutions have become much more advanced. One priority for managers is finding a system that connects all the touch points, gathers more information about guests, and supports the property’s overall revenue strategy. Below are three steps to optimizing casino resort operations with the use of modern technology.

A Solid Foundation

At the center of such a seamless operation is the comprehensive property management system. When integrated to the rest of the property’s technology, including the CMS, the PMS system can help make a positive difference when building guest relationships and growing revenue opportunities. For a casino operation, it is especially important to have this integration with the on-site casino management system, to be able to track guests who are spending money on and off the casino floor.

Gathering Guest Data

It is equally important to consider the non-gaming part of an operation and the guest spending that takes places off the casino floor. The property’s chosen point-of-sale system is at the heart of that operation. Using a flexible and highly integrated POS system, the guest information is automatically captured for future use and helps staff build better guest relationships.

Looking Ahead

The future of casino resort technology lies in the continued growth of truly integrated systems that connect gaming and non-gaming outlets and amenities. Gathering information about guests through the property management system, the point-of-sale system and the casino management system enables management to create a cohesive and property-wide strategy, grow revenue and deliver a personalized guest experience.

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