The Importance of Integrated Data for your Hotel PMS Technology

Aug 30, 2017

Hotel performance improvement depends largely on integration. The PMS solution should seamlessly connect and share data —preferably, in a real-time manner. Inventory-related data needs to flow into all distribution channels, including direct booking platforms and call centers as well as the Global Distribution System (GDS) and OTAs. The Central Reservations System (CRS) needs to publish optimal pricing decisions and channel recommendations based on input from the revenue management system, which, in turn, should capture up-to-the moment information from the PMS.

Ensuring the revenue management solution interfaces with both the PMS and CRS is imperative if a hotel is to effectively position itself vis-à-vis other hotels in the same competitive set. Also important is the ability to customize the direct booking engine within the CRS, and to automate channel-specific offers via the call center and other channels. Data integration ensures that room rates and inventory availability update quickly and accurately across all booking channels. Otherwise, prices presented on some channels may be lower than desired. Similarly, guest rooms shown as available may, in fact, be unavailable, causing overbooking and harming brand reputation.

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