Three Ways Hoteliers Can Enhance Guest Service with Innovative Payment Solutions

Apr 20, 2018

The travel business is growing rapidly. To stay ahead of the competition, hotel and lodging businesses need to make sure they meet or exceed the expectations of today’s traveler. Guest expectations are constantly evolving and keeping up with new technologies while continuing to provide unique experiences can be a challenging task. We have put together some tips to demonstrate how innovative technologies are designed to help hoteliers not only attract and keep more business, but also to surprise and delight their guests.

  1. A Smooth Start - First impressions matter. Making sure that the guest has a pleasant check-in experience is an important first step to ensuring a memorable stay. It often has a big impact on the guest’s overall impression of the property. Long lines at the front desk are frustrating for any traveler. Using a secure and reliable payment solution and offering the guest’s preferred payment method, will go a long way to speed up the process and create a great first impression.
  2. Point of Service - Guests will often spend part of their stay relaxing by the pool or lounge, and this is more commonly becoming a revenue-generating opportunity for food and beverage purchases. However, the quality of service can take a hit when the restaurant or bar aren’t accessible. With a mobile POS system combined with a seamless, secure payment solution, service staff can provide immediate service regardless where the guest is located. This creates a culture of efficient and personalized guest service anywhere across the property.
  3. The Convenience of Self-service - It happens to everyone at some point. Travelers discover they have left something at home or maybe they need a little nourishment at a late hour. When all restaurants and stores are closed, an on-site pantry with self-service kiosk will allow guests to easily get what they need, whenever they need it.

Whether a guest is visiting to experience every offering on your property, or just to have a place to stay while on a business trip, taking steps to ensure efficient service with secure, reliable payment acceptance makes it easy to grow revenue and keep guests coming back.

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