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Top Reasons for Cloud Migration

Nov 22, 2016

While cloud-based PMS in the hospitality industry is still relatively new, it’s already offering tremendous advantages. Operators who have moved to a cloud hotel management software have done so for numerous reasons.

Among the top reasons for their switch?

  1. Satisfaction - Guest satisfaction is central to every operators’ success, and with a cloud-based platform, satisfaction is easier to ensure. When a property management system moves to the cloud, staff can be more responsive to guests’ needs it real-time data at their fingertips. This also offers less downtime than would be the case using an onsite data server that consumes local resources and valuable time that should otherwise be spent serving guests.
  2. Savings - Most operators are able to reduce hardware and energy costs after moving to the cloud due to a substantial reduction in the need for redundant hardware and lower energy expenditures when an on premise data server or servers are removed from the equation.
  3. Security – Moving technology to the cloud allows data to be stored securely versus on-site storage. This is because cloud infrastructures typically operate at a higher Tier Level than an operator might otherwise afford. Due to more stringent security protocols required via a cloud platform, operators can rest assured their data is protected from a breach or other disaster.
  4. Simplicity – Cloud-based solutions are ubiquitous, providing operators with consistent and global access to their data.

Even though it’s still in the early stages, hoteliers across the country are already taking advantage of the cloud to streamline their operations. The cloud platform is giving them the power to respond quickly to guest requests.

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