Trendy Mid-Century Motels Promise Unique Traveler Experiences

Oct 19, 2018

The demand for local, charming properties is growing among younger travelers. Surprisingly, many are preferring smaller motels over larger hotel chains. As a result, motels across America are revamping their properties by adopting minimalist styles and creating unique experiences for their guests.

Hospitality professionals are taking advantage of today’s travelers’ desire for one-of-a-kind experiences and trendy offerings with retro aesthetics. It’s prompting a change in the way we look at motels that have seen their 15 minutes. Today’s travelers are looking longer and willing to spend a little  more in order to stay at a chic property that offers authenticity and hip amenities. So, what should you do if you want to revamp your motel and attract these modern travelers?

Do Some Market Research. The key to attracting the younger, modern traveler is knowing the demographics for the areas around your property. Retro, minimalist atmospheres are perfect for properties located in an urban setting, or even in a place with beautiful nature that adds to the experience. Properties located in more tourist-heavy areas might consider a different vibe in their motel to attract a like-minded guest base. It’s all about knowing the demographics for the region.

Attract Your Niche Audience. Most young travelers will do their research online before booking a room. Making sure your website adequately reflects the uniqueness of your property and everything that makes it special will go a long way in attracting them. A customizable and easy-to-use reservation system is also key. The booking experience should clearly show what guests should expect from the property and their guest room. Without this, some travelers might just go for a larger, name-brand hotel instead, where they know exactly what to expect.

Create Unique Experiences. Many today’s travelers are Millennials and as a generation, they are known for prioritizing experiences above all. Creating the right combination of minimalist, hip decor with different experiences that aren’t available otherwise can ensure that your property quickly gets a stamp of approval. And we all know that word-of-mouth travels fast when it happens online.

Transforming your property to meet the demands of the modern traveler is likely to bring you increased revenue, now more than ever. Properties are competing for attention and with good reason. Enhancing your services, food and beverage choices, or amenities can increase bookings while also increasing the average price per room. This in turn helps grow your reputation and revenue substantially.

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