Wellness Properties Help Guests Stay in Top Shape

Feb 14, 2019

As wellness tourism gains in popularity around the globe, it’s only natural for hotels to follow suit. The concept combines leisure travel with health and wellness. As society becomes more health-conscious, placing emphasis on things like nutrition, fitness and improving one’s overall state of mind, resorts and hotels are catching on and delivering amenities that cater to these emerging lifestyle preferences. And in some cases, properties are emerging that brand themselves as healing, wellness, and health-oriented. They offer programs that support guests in their search for health and happiness. Today we share how some of these health-oriented locations help guests stay in top shape, eat healthy, and live their best lives.

Eat Well

Understanding that food is a big part of a guest’s vacation, wellness properties provide guests with healthy and tasty food options, proving that healthy doesn’t have to replace delicious. In fact, some even specialize in weight loss or detox, serving guests delicious, plant-based, unprocessed, and fresh menu choices throughout their stay. Wellness-focused locations also fuel guests with buffet options that include superfoods that are both nutritious and delicious, appealing to a wide range of personal preferences.

Sleep Well

Everyone desires a good night’s rest when traveling, but often sleep can be impeded by neighboring guests or surroundings, uncomfortable linens and pillows, or bright lights. At health-oriented properties, however, providing guests with the best rest possible is a top priority, featuring specialized services to help guests achieve their most restful sleep. These can include turn down services with bedside essential oils, pillow sprays, meditation techniques and sleep-inducing lighting. Some resorts feature sleep television channels and soothing sound machines.

Move Well

Fitness centers are common at most resorts and hotels, but wellness destinations are elevating the experience by offering guests an array of fitness options, including both indoor and outdoor activities. These can include mind-body classes like yoga, Tai Chi or Pilates. Outdoor activities may include things like guided meditation and trail walks. Some even offer a concierge to help guests explore their surroundings with a morning run, versus running on a treadmill alone.

The idea that traveling means sacrificing your healthy preferences is changing. Wellness resorts have emerged to ensure guests enjoy a stay that betters their mind, body and soul. And because health-conscious destinations provide their guests with numerous choices, it only increases the need for highly functional, integrated property management systems that can keep pace.

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