What does the future of non-gaming look like?

Nov 08, 2019

The non-gaming guest still plays a critical role for resort operators. Non-gaming is more relevant than it has ever been, driving up occupancy rates and overall spending at F&B outlets, retail, and sporting and entertainment. The guest experiences that result often translate to improved brand loyalty, repeat business, and increased wallet share. Today, operators are looking beyond the single guest transaction, however, in favor of a 360-degree view of the entire guest journey. They're harnessing operational data to meet guest needs at every touchpoint. That's the end game.

The Las Vegas Landscape

Point of Sale Solutions

Optimizing food & beverage operations and profitability demands a flexible, enterprise class point-of-sale system. Is yours up to the task?

Non-gaming alternatives in Vegas-area resorts continue to generate more revenue than ever. It appears that many individuals are choosing to visit this city for reasons other than gambling. As non-gaming options continue to expand, several major casino projects are also set to open over the next year or so. One that many are excited about is Resorts World. This new casino-resort is expected to bring in more visitors when it officially opens in 2020. The new Virgin Hotel is opening up next year as well, and it's working on renovating and updating the former Hard Rock International casino and hotel.

Technology Considerations

The technology used at any resort must take into consideration the end-to-end guest experience, from recruitment to post-departure. Some solutions will help elevate guest satisfaction in both gaming and non-gaming areas. Beyond the technology, operators are thinking about the experiences that their businesses need to create when accommodating a myriad of different guest personas and preferences. First, using profile data to understand and create better guest service objectives, operators then look to the technologies that will support those service standards and help meet business objectives better, faster, and maybe even at a lower cost.

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Nothing essential has changed for our industry; it remains focused on delivering the best experience possible for everyone - whether that means gaming, non-gaming, or some combination. Guests will continue spending their money in both areas. Still, they’re becoming more selective about where and when they spend, often seeking the best value with every transaction, be it at the shows or on the casino floor — all the more reason to have a strategy that encompasses both. And in particular, for Millennial and GenZ visitors, integrating a non-gaming guest experience is still critical to maximizing resort revenue.

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