Why Resorts & Hotels Should Leverage Pinterest

Mar 29, 2019

As tourism goes, keeping up with the fast-growing trends can be a challenge especially as people travel much more now than in years past. Today, international traveling is more than double that of the last 20 years. Undoubtedly, social media plays a big role in for travelers looking to make travel decisions, especially for younger generations. One site where casual wanderers and avid travelers flock for inspiration is Pinterest, based on the site’s latest survey results.

Pinterest has become a useful tool for people who seek to personalize their vacation experiences pulling from captive imagery presented in the site’s search results. At the site, vacation planning is personal, with many referencing their “pins” to plan an entire trip. In fact, the study found that half of traveling “pinners” use Pinterest as the starting place to plan their next trip. Searches usually begin with dream destinations, followed by the best hotels in the area, then things to do and even what to wear. According to survey results, 69% of travelers use the site to discover travel services while deciding where to go next.

With its pictorial nature, it’s easy to understand why Pinterest has become so important in the booking process. There is no need to read lengthy descriptions and reviews, although it can link to different sites that have those. Instead, visitors peruse, scrolling through various images from different search perspectives or vantage points. It’s quick, and because people see the potential destination rendered equally in various photos, it lends a certain level of credibility.

According to the survey, Pinterest travelers usually book within two months of their initial search. Since content is the main driver that leads to a final decision on the site, this presents a great opportunity for resorts and hotels to pull out the big guns and showcase the best their property has to offer, creating imagery that will make trip planners “pin” it to their boards. And resort properties are taking notice, with many reaching deep to display what makes them a contender and relying on said factors to attract those looking for travel inspiration.

Pinterest recently unveiled “traveler personas” to help advertisers create more targeted content that appeals to their specific audience or guest-type based on their attitude and behaviors. For instance, hotels can attract those seeking relaxation by including photos of their spa, Zen spots or yoga classes. To attract nature lovers, hotels can include photos of nearby trails, and captivating flora and fauna found on property.

Spring has begun, and people are now planning summer getaways. Destination properties connect to travel seekers who are looking for inspiration at sites like Pinterest, featuring the property’s best and most alluring characteristics, keeping in mind to include these same appealing photos at their own hotel websites to entice direct bookings. After all, Pinterest offers hoteliers the opportunity to increase revenue by giving them a platform to their official website making guests more likely to book directly.

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