3 Moves That Can Protect Your IoT Devices from Malicious Cyber Activity

Aug 30, 2018

Intelligent, wireless devices are increasingly finding their way into the lives of most people these days. And not just at home, but in the business world as well. Businesses are relying more and more on wireless devices including routers, audio and video-streaming devices and even digital assistants like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. These devices are commonly referred to as part of the Internet of Things (IoT), a network of physical devices with connectivity that enables them to connect and exchange data. A recent PSA released by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reveals that there are a variety of risks associated with having IoT devices on your network.

The announcement indicates that cyber criminals have been using IoT devices as proxies for anonymity while engaging in malicious cyber activities. This way, the criminals are able to mask their activities and transmit all their actions through the victim’s compromised IP address. This can have serious legal consequences for individuals or businesses that fall victim to such an attack. Today we share a few of the recommended precautions:

1. Ensure all devices are updated and have the latest security patches.

This is especially important with Microsoft’s impending EOL for its SQL Server 2008 and Windows 2008 products. Microsoft recently announced that they will soon stop releasing security updates for these products, leaving users exposed to cyber criminals.

2. Change default usernames and passwords frequently.

Change the complexity of passwords often and avoid repeating passwords across your different applications. Having a password manager can help you administer passwords and strengthen your security.

3. Use anti-virus regularly and ensure it’s up-to-date.

A common way for criminals to get access to your devices, is by installing malware on them. By installing malware during a brief moment of exposure, they can keep coming back and perform malicious activities. Anti-virus is used to prevent, detect and remove malware. Keeping your anti-virus up to date can help save you from many of the most common cyber-attacks.

Intelligent IoT devices can be very helpful in both personal and business environments and they are becoming increasingly important in our connected world. Secure your devices and avoid becoming victim to cyber crimes. Users of InfoGenesis®, Visual One®, DataMagine™ or Eatec® who want to know more about the Microsoft EOL deadlines, can get help performing a system health check.

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