3 Reasons Restaurants are Moving to Pay-at-Table

Jun 08, 2018

With restaurants increasingly embracing digital workflows as part of their daily operations, it is interesting to study how they leverage guest-friendly, automated table services that reap a myriad of benefits. While quick-service establishments use automated ordering and payment services, including self-service kiosks to ensure hassle-free guest engagement; traditional table service restaurants also opt for best-fit solutions to enhance the guest experience and grow revenue.

The increasing drive to enhance guest satisfaction and optimize operational workflows is making smart restaurateurs incorporate pay-at-table technologies into their processes. Today we outline three reasons pay-at-table solutions are “must have” for all restaurants.

  1. Streamlined Service

Implementing table-side ordering and payments helps reduce the time taken for these processes to take place. While item images on the POS tablet make ordering fast and easy, exceptional check management, consistent terminal configuration and pricing set up all help to reduce overall order placement times. Restaurants leverage these quick and efficient solutions to streamline service for guests.

  1. Improved Security

The added security that comes with the pay-at-table enhances the experience of the guest by providing one of the most secure payment transactions available today. It helps in safeguarding the guests’ payment data and reduces the risk of intentional or unintentional fraud by leveraging PCI-validated, point-to-point encrypted (P2PE). This advanced payment processing technology is one of the best ways restaurants can safeguard credit card data, and help reduce the risk for restaurants.

  1. Boosted Revenue

Pay-at-table also supports guest loyalty which helps grow the bottom line. Workflow automation ensures quicker order and payment processes, leaving more time for guest interaction and personalized service. A complete and intuitive ordering and pay-at-table solution helps restaurant operators track important business metrics, such as guests per table, orders per table, revenue per table, and identify areas for improvements. These key data contribute to optimal restaurant operations while strengthening revenue potential.

Pay-at-table solutions help both operators and staff ensure faster table turns with improved guest engagement by optimizing service workflows and increasing payment processing security. These integrated solutions also help modern-day restaurateurs accelerate their bottom line.

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