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3 Steps to a Streamlined Reservation Process

May 31,2018

The hotel and resort experience is becoming increasingly focused on connecting with guests on a personal level. It's no longer sufficient to provide the bare necessities, such as a friendly welcome  and free WiFi. Operators must impress their guests to ensure repeat business. Streamlining the reservation process while personalizing the guest’s stay can often be the difference between a memorable experience and a mediocre one. With this in mind, today we share three ways that a streamlined reservation process can make a positive difference.

  1. Intuitive PMS - The first step to engaging guests and making sure the reservations process is seamless end-to-end, is implementing an intuitive and easy-to-use property management system. Studies show that more than 84% of hotels expect mobile PMS access will improve their daily efficiency. Having a PMS with facial recognition technology gives staff quick guest information at check-in, often before the guest shares their name. It helps operators deliver more personalized guest service.
  2. Online Reservations - Most guests have gone digital by now. They're using mobile devices for everything, from browsing social media to booking their next vacation. Using an integrated booking engine and leveraging OTAs will create a seamless booking experience using the guest's preferred online platform. A truly integrated system will also eliminate the challenges of managing multiple rates and room inventory for several online channels. An intelligent PMS can even present relevant upsell offers to increase revenue opportunities.
  3. Secure Payment - The last step we recommend for a seamless reservation process is using a PCI-validated and P2PE (point-to-point encrypted) payment processing solution to increase the guest confidence as they book their stay. Protecting guests’ sensitive data is important and an advanced payment processing solution can also significantly reduce your PCI burden, ultimately increasing operational efficiency.

September 01, 2021

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