3 Steps to Enterprise IoT Security

Nov 30, 2018

A revolutionary change is underway around the world. We are witnessing monumental shifts related to technology advancement. And when it comes to being connected, businesses grapple to strike the ideal balance between staying connected and keeping data secure. Connecting devices, sensors and data, businesses are entering the world of the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is positioned to boost the economy, enabling new business applications. It’s quickly become a fundamental part of today’s workplace. This explosive growth is not without risk however. IoT devices expose new threats that can place intellectual property, personal data and a business’s reputation in jeopardy. Physical security is an important part of cyber security and today we share three steps you can take to protect your enterprise against new assaults.

  1. Thoroughly evaluate any new IoT devices before deployment. Be fully knowledgeable about third party solutions or devices before adding them to your network. Develop and mature your protocol around deployment that is based on the very latest security industry practices.
  2. Constantly monitor for any unknown devices in your environment. Identify, track and profile your IoT endpoints, understanding the operational risks of each. Detect all devices that enter the network and prevent unauthorized devices before they reach a secure area. Keep an eye on all your IoT devices with a 360-degree to help you defend your space.
  3. Distinguish and deploy wi-fi networks that are separate for employee or guest use to help protect the business’s proprietary data.

Security shouldn’t be an afterthought. The best defense is a well-planned and carefully executed offense. These steps can help safeguard intellectual property, guest data, and your reputation.

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