3 Techniques to Keep Guests Happy & Entertained

Oct 10, 2018

Meeting and exceeding the expectations of guests. It’s the fundamental purpose upon which the hospitality industry was created and continues to thrive. Not only do we want guests to enjoy their stay from the first moments they’re perusing the website, but we also want them to depart happy, with plans to come back another time. Today we share a few techniques that successful hospitality operators use to keep their guests happy and entertained, and ideally spur return visits.

1.       Provide Authentic, Local Experiences

Whether they’re looking for unique experiences or local flavor, guests relate to and recall your resort for the stories. One way to create such as "story" is by providing guests with various opportunities to experience the local area and partnering with event venues and other sights. Consider inviting a nearby vineyard to host wine and cheese pairings. Or you might offer guests the chance to cook with an established area chef. These experiences differentiate your property from others; they help create a story that makes the guest experience memorable. Not to mention, they provide new opportunities to bring in additional revenue.

2.       Integrate Technology into Common Areas or Guest Rooms

The technology strategy of any resort, small or large, should extend beyond offering free Wi-Fi. It should incorporate some of the latest trends today. One example includes adding artificial intelligence (AI) to each room, such as Amazon’s Alexa, that may integrate with your PMS software. This allows guests to easily play their favorite music, set reminders and alarms or control other in-room media platforms, such as TVs.

3.       Design an Enticing Loyalty Program

Most of us genuinely appreciate a good loyalty program, and with one that’s easy for guests to use, rewards them often even if in very small ways, you will find guest loyalty increases. The key is to keep it simple. Guests should be able to easily collect “points” without having to carry around a rewards card. The points may be based on any number of criteria (days they stay, number of stays, amount they spend, etc.). Make sure you have several reward levels, so guests can earn small rewards quickly, while working toward larger goals.

From the moment your guests first click onto your website, during their stay and even after their departure, these techniques are growing in popularity among hospitality professionals who want to provide a personalized approach to service and give guests what they seek most - unique experiences that keep them entertained and happy.

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