3 Ways to Bring Sustainability into Your Resort Operation

Aug 20, 2018

Adding more technology to the property is often associated with a higher energy consumption, which ultimately results in costlier operations. However, with today’s technology innovations that no longer has to be the case. Many hoteliers find that some technology solutions help operations become more sustainable while also adding value to the guest experience. With an increasing global awareness around the importance of sustainability, guests are leaning more toward environmentally friendly establishments while being accustomed to the ease of technology. Today, we highlight 3 innovative technologies to help reduce carbon footprint on your property.

  1.  Heat Sensors in the Hotel Room

In a recent article from Hotel News Now, Yotel New York tells how they use heat sensors in every room to help reduce energy consumption. The sensors will detect whether a room is occupied and sync with the on-site property management system to let hotel staff know when a room is in use. Joseph Turano, the General Manager at the Yotel New York, said that this technology will help the hotel reduce its kilowatt usage by 20%.

  1. Easy Energy-efficient Lighting

LED lighting can significantly lower energy consumption and many hotels are using it across their properties. Loews Hotel 100 in Seattle have LED lighting to create a more sustainable footprint. The General Manager, John Power, noted in an interview that they can generate larger energy savings than many other technologies while being less costly. The LED technology also has a variety of options to further reduce energy consumption such as auto-dimmers that can detect movement and reduce power based on time of day.

  1. Automated, Paperless Workflows

Properties using efficient document management end up completely eliminating the need for paper in their operation. Manually accessing, printing and storing paper files is cumbersome and prone to human error. With a comprehensive document management solution that can capture driver’s licenses and provide electronic document routing, properties such as Camelback Resort in Pennsylvania are able to eliminate their need for paper and significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

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