3 Ways to Unlock your Property’s Potential with Digital Keys

Sep 17, 2019

There is a delicate balance to delivering optimal guest experiences and still growing your bottom line. A technology foundation supplemented with mobile engagement can help you strike the right balance. This should come as no surprise since many travelers are booking trips on their mobile phones today, and guests expect your property to offer mobile interaction at some point during their stay. The growing demand for mobile service creates opportunities for resorts who want increased guest interaction without being intrusive.

With this in mind, here are the top three reasons resorts should add mobile check-in with digital keys to their IT initiatives:

  1. ServiceMagstripe keycards are prone to demagnetization, which becomes a guest service issue. Resorts and hotels can send digital key information straight to personal smartphones. This not only ensures minimal disruption to the guest experience, but it also keeps the front desk from any congestion.
  2. Thanks to digital keys, fewer plastic keycards are issued overall, and resort operators can also look forward to the savings. Evolving from traditional plastic keycards to keyless entry is a small, but welcome change that supports a reduced carbon footprint.
  3. Security ID verification can be handled right on the guest’s device. Multi-factor authentication elevates security for all parties, and guests have the freedom to head straight to their room and immediately begin enjoying their stay experience.

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Digital, mobile keys provide a smart way to keep guests engaged without intruding on their personal space. Strengthen your business potential with mobile check-in that also supports suggestive upsells that can help you continually grow your bottom line.

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