4 Features Customers Want from Their Foodservice Ordering Tech

Oct 18, 2019

For many consumers, technology equals convenience. But when placing F&B orders, consumers still appreciate an in-person experience. This is true whether they’re ordering from their devices or an on-site kiosk. While cafeteria settings are a natural fit for these order placement mediums, fast-food restaurants and grab-and-go establishments could benefit from reduced staffing with these ordering alternatives.

According to a recently published white paper from the National Restaurant Association, 59% of consumers indicated that they place orders via phone, and 51% order in-person and wait for the order. Without a doubt, technology is becoming more commonplace, with 79% of consumers saying they’ve placed orders using a restaurant’s website or app within the last year.

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From the research, when using a restaurant’s app or website for delivery, consumers have identified their top features. These includes:

  1. Alerts when the order has left the restaurant and when it’s near the delivery destination
  2. Ability to track the entire progress of the order and the delivery server or driver
  3. Ability to order ahead of time
  4. Compatibility with mobile payments options and the ability to store payment information

Operators who offer consumer-facing ordering technologies see increased revenue as customers who browse on their phones or at kiosks are under less pressure to make quick decisions, and consequently order extra items for higher check averages. And since customers are taking their time, orders are more likely to be customized to the customer’s preference, which improves their experience while increasing order accuracy.

In the age of technology, restaurants are moving online in search of new customers. Whether it be through website ordering, apps, or kiosks, technology helps consolidate business consumer order placement and subsequent staff workflows. As a result, operators have more time to focus on enhancing the in-person experiences for consumers.

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