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95% of Hotel Guests Look to Online Property Reviews Before Making Their Decision

Apr 15, 2017


The trend toward Guest Experience Management - or GEM - is not a one-off initiative that, once implemented, can be checked off a ‘to-do’ list. There is no single set of tactics. Rather, GEM is a strategic and long-term undertaking. With guest-generated reviews having become so influential in the hotelier’s technology and other decisions, building a foundation that will optimize the guest experience is more important today than ever.

The key question hoteliers should ask is: “What does it take to deliver a truly personalized, relevant guest experience based on my guests’ expectations, needs and preferences, both stated and inferred?

GEM is about making guests feel special and appreciated, acknowledging their value and anticipating their needs. And The 2017 Smart Decision Guide to Hotel Guest Experience Management offers a framework for considering GEM and assessing capabilities that enable a better understanding of guest behaviors and patterns. It offers practical advice for leveraging the right technologies, organizational resources, business processes and metrics to optimize operations and drive continuous improvement.

Everything You Need to Know About Guest Experience Management

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