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A Property Management Solution for Every Generation

Dec 09, 2016

Hospitality caters to many different age groups - from Baby Boomers to Millennials and even Generation Edge. To accommodate everyone, you need a flexible PMS that caters to each group. While all of these generations certainly expect mobility and internet as a part of their stay, there are expectations that will differ between each of them. Whether you’re in the market, or want to understand the future trends of PMS technology, today’s blog post provides insights about what to look for in your next PMS endeavor as well as a few questions that you may not think to ask your PMS provider.

Hoteliers should be looking for a PMS that allows them to flex with their guests’ needs. And they should find the right PMS provider that has an eye on current trends and is fully engaged to support the future of hospitality.

  1. Is the PMS capable of going mobile? Hotels that use PMS tablets are operating in more areas on property and decreasing the check-in wait times.
  2. Is the PMS still conducive to a quick and painless check-in and check-out experience? If it’s been awhile since the PMS was last configured, this is likely impacting the guest. The right PMS provider will work to ensure staff is trained to use the system in the optimal fashion based on the specific needs of the hotel.
  3. Does the PMS have the ability to add service requests by guest type? The way you respond to a service request varies depending on the type of guest who submits the request.
  4. Can the service request be pulled from a guest profile? A consolidated view of the guest creates a richer understanding of their needs and can even be a predictor of the guest’s needs.
  5. Does the PMS offer surveys that can be triggered by a guest event? Such surveys allow the hotelier to get to know their guests in ways that aren’t otherwise possible. A next-generation PMS provides important data that tells the total guest story.

Guests today desire to be treated special. Personalized guest service is the new standard by which guests assess their satisfaction. Hoteliers who understand this are implementing technologies that serve to create those personalized stays, whether for business or leisure. Using your PMS to understand guest patterns and transforming that data into custom experiences and future offers is what creates that seamless guest experience we all seek – without incurring a lot of labor and costs.

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