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A Quick Guide to Hotel Property Management Solutions

Jun 06, 2017

Ultimately, operators need to choose the best technology for their individual or enterprise locations. In this post, we take a look at the expanding requirements of property management technologies, including important data security considerations and other essential questions to ask providers.

Four Questions Hoteliers Should ask PMS Providers:

1. What does your software do to help me drive RevPAR?
One of the best ways to make sure you’re maximizing RevPAR, which leads to bottom line growth, is to employ an automated Revenue Management System that considers the necessary variables and ultimately maximizes your final yield.

2. How does your software manage the upselling of not only rooms, but other resort amenities?
Operators often make assumptions based on guest behavior or time of year to develop a demand forecast that help inform upselling decisions. A solution that analyzes this information at guest reservation or check-in, evaluates guest preferences and histories, and uses an algorithm to curate upsell offers based on that data, takes the pressure off staff and ensures you don’t miss an opportunity to upsell all available amenities for the ideal revenue amount.

3. What does your software do to help me better know and serve my guests?
The trend toward personalization of the guest experience relies heavily upon data. A PMS that captures and helps analyze information about typical habits or spending preferences leads to increased guest loyalty and an improved bottom line.

4. What does the PMS offer in terms of guest data and security compliance?
The ideal Property Management System helps secure credit card data whether it’s in transit or at rest. Interfacing with a P2PE (point-to-point encrypted) payment solution is the best way to secure the card information for card-present transactions, thus preventing sensitive card information from ever entering the PMS.

PCI-validated payment processing solutions are certified by the PCI Council to provide both the maximum level of encryption possible, and to follow the most stringent payment processing requirements. When using a validated P2PE solution, PMS solutions support a reduction in PCI scope and audit costs while better safeguarding guest data.

PMS solutions that are also EMV-certified will help prevent counterfeit and stolen card transactions by validating the card at point of transaction. And on-line security through a secure PIP or iFrame protects the card data when transmitted from the guest’s browser for their reservation or activity bookings.

Hoteliers need a comprehensive PMS that is robust, yet flexible enough to grow and expand as the industry evolves. The good news is, the future already looks quite promising with innovations that are becoming a strategic part of enriching the guest experience. More than just adding or enhancing user features, PMS technology delivered via the cloud actually has more advantages these days to offer hoteliers. Sign up to receive our upcoming post for more details.

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