A Strong Technology Foundation Helps Build a Stronger Future for Golf

Aug 01, 2017

The sport saw a big boost in popularity from its recent return to the Olympics. With so many passionate people invested in it, golfers continue playing while welcoming new players to the game. New formats are emerging, with courses offering six-hole options and other variations of short courses. The industry is creating programs that invite more diverse audiences. Championships held across the globe inspire new audiences to take a swing. According to Forbes, Millennial engagement will continue to be vital. The PGA Tour last year said that the percentage of millennials who play golf (28%) mirrors that of the group’s percentage of the total population, although they only play about half as frequently as previous generations.

Tech Trends for Players
The latest technology developments in golf are centered around equipment improvements, with offerings that help players have more fun and possibly lower their handicaps. A leading course in Florida offers LED-lighted driving ranges. Others boast carts equipped with LED screens, and a few have carts that allow golfers to place food and beverage orders to be delivered to the cart. But that’s not all...

Tech Trends for Operators
Resort operators are working smarter and managing their resources differently too. Innovation is happening at a rapid pace, and golf management technology is helping operators utilize their resources more efficiently and enhance the player experience.

They handle so much more than simply operating a pro shop. Operators are organizing tournaments, scheduling and monitoring tee times, directing staff and overseeing the player experience, including personal preferences, histories and even player development. Technology helps operators to provide a more valuable, seamless golfing experience for players. This ‘frictionless’ experience can go a long way to build brand reputation and attract more players, ultimately creating a competitive edge that maximizes bottom line performance.

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