Agilysys CEO Sits Down with Global Gaming Business magazine

Dec 01, 2017

Ramesh Srinivasan, President and CEO of Agilysys, is keenly focused on leveraging his comprehensive background in the gaming industry to drive the company forward as the industry’s leading hospitality technology provider. He recently spoke with GGB Publisher, Roger Gros, at the Agilysys offices in Las Vegas.

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"Our philosophy and vision clearly is that we want to help our customers improve their guest experience and guest loyalty. With our products, we already provide a lot of information about guests, but we plan to do a lot more. Currently, the value of the guest is directly proportional to their spend. Agilysys’ technology is capable of providing insight into whether a guest normally stays in your hotel on a discount day, or even on a premium day. Our technology delivers insights in terms of the actual profitability of the guest—their value not only in revenue terms, but also in profitability terms.

We are directly addressing the need for more robust guest information by rapidly increasing our engineering capacity. Today we have 50 percent more engineers than we had six months ago, and by the end of the year we will have twice as many as we had on March 31. This increase allows us to not only enhance our solutions, but also to enhance important integrations with other casino systems. There is a lot more depth and insight we can provide for customers in this area, and I think we, and the industry, will continue improving with every passing day.

We will do whatever we must to provide value to our customers so that they can increase their guest experience and loyalty. That is the only reason we are in business."

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