Augment Your Marketing with an Industry Game-Changer that Increases Revenue

May 07, 2018

With increasing competition and changing market expectations, it can be difficult to introduce effective marketing initiatives that actually influence the bottom line. There's a perfect blend of science and art required in marketing and promotions. The right blend will not only help keep guests interested, but give them a reason to return. Attracting and retaining happy guests - that’s the challenge. Wherever they go, guests need to feel special. Marketing is an important way to augment your guest service strategy with personalized engagement that gives guests that special attention. Of course, it won’t hurt to include some attractive promotions or offers, encouraging them to return.

Not sure where to start? Why not lean on technology? More resorts are turning to their existing systems, and partnering with their technology providers to supplement guest marketing initiatives These resorts use tools such as an Intelligent Offers Engine (IOE), which allows resorts to create, distribute, track, manage and encourage offer redemptions far more effectively. Here’s how:

  1. Increase Reward and Offer Redemptions

Offers and discounts are important when it comes to attracting guests and encouraging them to return.  IOE uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), which enables the reward to change according to the behavior of the guest. For instance, when the guest is offered a discount, but hasn’t redeemed the offer, the IOE automatically serves up an alternate promotion until there is an offer that entices the guest. The technology is configured to have an ongoing "conversation" with the prospective guest, and can increase the bottom line by as much as 30%.

  1. Personalize Guest Experience Engine

Digital, personalized marketing is proven to be very effective and the IOE helps make it possible.  Personalized guest interfaces help strengthen loyalty and revenue by creating more touch points that keep guests focused on the brand, and spending a little extra. Resorts can integrate their digital offers with the InfoGenesis® POS and LMS® solutions. It makes for an ideal add-on that almost immediately adds value and provides extra touch points without having to hire new staff. Perhaps most importantly, all these touch points, and how guests respond or don't respond, combine to become very telling data for operators. These guest interactions enable resorts to identify patterns and other insights about patrons’ preferences.

  1. Eliminate Expensive Paper Offers

The IOE provides a cloud-based integration, enabling resorts to edit as needed. The software facilitates efficient promotions management and curates customized guest marketing with AI. Replacing paper offers with digital promotions saves thousands in printing costs every month. OfferCraft’s digital offers technology changes all of that.

Learn how resorts are strengthening guest loyalty and increasing revenue with digital promotions.

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