Betting on Technology to Enhance Hospitality Operations

Aug 15, 2018

In Temecula, California, new robot technology is being used to keep guests safe at Pechanga Resort Casino, according to a recent article from Hospitality Technology magazine. The property is using autonomous security robots to assist on-site security personnel in patrolling the gaming floor. Technology innovations are being added to hospitality operations globally, and the unique benefits of these new systems help managers have more efficient operations and better protect their guests. The robots used at Pechanga Resort can detect suspicious activity, weapons, identify license plates, faces and even use thermal imaging to identify and send an alert in case of fire.

"We believe it’s critical in today’s environment that we vet and use the latest strategies and tactics to keep our guests and team members safe," according to the magazine's interview with Jared Munoa, president of the Pechanga Development Corporation.

The 5.5 feet tall, 400-pound robots delight visiting guests who are often seen taking pictures with them as they move about the property, ensuring a secure environment across the hotel and casino floors. The use of such innovative technology offers a significant competitive advantage.

Hotels across the world are leaning on advanced technology to make improvements throughout their operations. Robots are a perfect fit for the security operation at Pechanga Resort Casino.

Intelligent technology can also help at the front desk, allowing guests to check themselves in or recognizing a guest as they approach the front desk to instantly recognize and make guests feel welcome. There’s no limit to the ways intelligent technology can help staff in their daily operations, making tasks easier, assisting employees in providing an enhanced guest experience while setting the staff up for success.

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