Casinos Attract Millennials with Personalized Service, Driven by Innovative Technology

May 21, 2018

The internet has become increasingly prominent in our everyday lives. Younger generations have an entirely different set of expectations for casinos and resorts to live up to. Casinos all over the world are struggling to attract millennials, who grew up with technology in-hand and playing video games on Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox.

E-sports and online gaming industries are rapidly gaining popularity as the rise of video and internet-based games are spreading like wildfire. Some speculate the future might bring skills-based games and e-sports into the casinos as a new way to attract a younger crowd. In the meantime, we bring you a few things casinos can do today to compete with the draw of online gaming and bring more millennials to your property.

Personalize the Guest Experience – Making a guest feel recognized and special; personalizing their experience can be a game-changer for casinos and resorts because it helps build guest relationships. Using an integrated property management system will allow the staff to know the guest history and their preferences, which will go a long way in securing guest loyalty for any generation.

Offer Rapid Service – Regardless of the age of your guests, fast service will always leave them with a favorable impression of your business. Millennials especially are often described as a fast-paced and, at times, impatient generation. Choosing a property management system built specifically for the gaming industry and designed to bring efficiency into your operation, will ensure that younger guests will get the rapid service they expect.

Impress with Technology – Having grown up with technology, millennials appreciate innovative solutions more than most. Allowing guests to digitally check-in for their stay and sending them a text-message when their room is ready can be the differentiator that makes your property stand out to younger audiences.

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