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Nov 07, 2017

5 PMS Considerations for Smaller Hotels

Small hotels are not simply smaller versions of large hotels, which means their needs often are different when it comes to technology. To determine what those needs are, Springer-Miller Systems suggests hoteliers perform a thorough needs assessment in advance of issuing a request for proposal and beginning to participate in system demonstrations.

“With a documented needs assessment you can more accurately check-off that the new system meets your functional requirements and integration needs,” said Amanda Wisell, marketing manager for SMS. “In addition, documenting your current network envi-ronment, hardware inventory and connectivity speeds will better prepare you to choose a system that will perform best at your hotel.”

Next comes the hard part: taking systems for a test drive and deciding which is best. HOTEL MANAGEMENT interviewed property-management-system experts about what small hotel op-erators should consider before buying a new PMS so that it fits their requirements.


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