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Apr 25, 2017

Frictionless Hotels Through Omni-Engagement

Frictionless Hotels Through Omni-EngagementFROM PRE- TO POST-STAY, HOW HOTELS CAN BENEFIT FROM ENABLING SEAMLESS EXPERIENCES | By Leslie Lang, Contributing Editor, Additional reporting by Lisa Terry

HOTELS RECOGNIZE that omni-engagement is key to enhanced customer experience and seamless operations. Using technology to engage guests from pre-stay, during and while they are on-site to check-out and beyond, requires thoughtful investment. In this Business Solution Brief, HT highlights five ways that investments in frictionless experiences pay dividends.

Issue: Data Blindspots 
Solution: When guests book through an OTA or other booking service, hotels don’t always receive complete information such as phone numbers and email ad-dresses, which can hamstring hotels looking to gener-ate repeat and direct bookings.

“It’s an issue hotels are still working on figuring out,” says Noah Lemaich, head concierge of Sixty Hotels ( Without the ability to interact with a guest before arrival, he notes, nor add them to your database, the hotel starts out already behind. 

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