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Apr 12, 2017

Shifting Gears to Drive More Guest Choices

ArticleWe live in an instantaneous society, and guest demand for quicker service is a strong force that's driving operators to change the way they think about resort improvements and how they're spending their budget.

According to Spectrum Gaming Group's Top 2016 Trends, operators focused their attention on how to attract Millennials as an emerging generation of consumers. But it's much more than Millennials that need to be attracted - guests of all generations want to maximize their dollars and experience. Offering more options to all generations, from Baby Boomers to Generation Edge, should continue to be a top priority for 2017 and beyond. We are seeing that the guest's desire for a litany of options is heavily influencing their destination selection and related spending decisions. They're looking for the right property for their holiday or business travel, with the right service options and amenities. For operators to attract such a broad group of guests, they should be looking to offer more options.


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