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Apr 12, 2017

Visual One PMS featured in HT's New Tech Showcase

ArticleWhether you’re a full-service resort needing to integrate several appli-cations across multiple outlets, or a small chain that needs to share data among properties, Agilysys Visual One® can revolutionize the way you manage your operations and deliver guest service. 

PMS automation and integration are among the most important of cur-rent trends. But how do you integrate business systems and automate op-erations without adding cost? Visual One’s modules for accounting, ac-tivities, club management, comp ac-counting, condo accounting, sales and catering, guest marketing, and spa management integrate seamless-ly with one another. Its user-friendly screens are laid out in a logical, mod-ern format with quick-feature icons and drag-and-drop capabilities to simplify staff training. With an online shopping cart that prompts guests to book rooms, spa appointments, tee times and all sorts of activities within a single folio, Visual One keeps your staff focused on guest satisfaction rather than administrative activities.


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